Our Leading Innovations in Health Care & Education course brings together scholars from across the globe annually in June. To better highlight our community, we decided to profile a number of our recent scholars. In this blog post, we interview Page Carter, Director of Adult Outpatient Psychiatry at Cambridge Health Alliance.

Harvard Macy Institute: How would you describe your personal and professional background?

Page: I was raised in a conservative rural town in northwest Texas by liberal, educated parents. This gave me the ability to respect religious and political ideologies that differ from my own. I was encouraged to pursue interests which led me to first teach high school, then to attend Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, then to open a catering company which I ran for 20 years. I then went back to school for my Master of Social Work, and finally built a new career in the mental health field where I have worked since 2022. I am a good manager, I like the challenge of innovation, and I am motivated to help others.

Harvard Macy Institute: What led you to apply to this program?

Page: I took over the Director of Adult Outpatient Psychiatry role at a highly transformative time—The organizational structure of my workplace was changing, and I wanted a forum to give me support so that I could lead better, and wiser.

Harvard Macy Institute: How would you describe your overall experience in the course?

Page: I attended virtually, and it was a very exciting week for me. I have other colleagues who have attended in person, forming some long-lasting relationships.

Harvard Macy Institute: The COVID-19 pandemic presented many challenges for interpersonal relations. Fortunately, our next course in June 2023 will return to an in-person learning experience. Could you share the two most important takeaways that you gained from our Leading Innovations in Health Care & Education program?

Page: Barry Dornfeld's session about using culture to guide change really resonated with the issues that I face in my work. It has greatly shaped my thinking about what needs to be kept in the Psychiatry department, and what needs to be discarded. I recognize now that there has to be an articulated vision. This was broadened by Rob Martello's session about the intersection of policy, mission and culture and how mission often becomes invisible.

Harvard Macy Institute: How was this course applicable to your work in health care?

Page: Finding champions in our department is key to making the changes that we need to make to provide for the population we serve. Finding a way to encourage and motivate people to own the changes--use the shared mission--has already been helpful.

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Page Carter, LICSW

Page Carter, MSW, (Leaders ’22) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Director of Clinical Services at Cambridge Health Alliance. Page's areas of professional interest include providing equitable mental health care to a diverse, underserved population and building a robust evidence-based treatment modality team of mental health providers. Page can be contacted via email.