What do Harvard Macy Institute scholars gain from their experience in our programs?

The Harvard Macy Institute’s programs foster deep study, active engagement, group learning, and ample opportunity for feedback, reflection, and knowledge exchange. Program participants frequently cite the importance of being introduced to the diversity of perspectives on health care, education, and institutions represented by the diverse backgrounds of fellow scholars.

Our scholars also report transformational learning experiences in which they learn to examine their own assumptions and behaviors in a new light, leading to fresh approaches to their career and their capacity as a leader of organizational change.


  • New professional bonds that often result in the creation of networks and collaborations that extend over years and contribute to the progress of institutional change projects
  • An appreciation for and a commitment to enhance multdisciplinary and interprofessional collaboration
  • Input to advance professional project endeavors, potentially resulting in publication, recognition, or promotion
  • A collegial think tank atmosphere promoting and inspiring deep thinking and engagement with the real issues affecting their work, and themselves

What do Harvard Macy Institute scholars take back to their home institutions?

One of the great testaments to the quality of the Institute's programs is the number of institutions who support scholars again and again. More than 150 institutions have had five or more participants in the Harvard Macy Institute's programs. Many of these have been represented by 20 or more scholars over the years.

Institutions that have supported a number of individuals over time have witnessed the development of a common understanding and mindset regarding health care education and innovation. Within many of these institutions, a cadre of Harvard Macy alumni has been influential in curricular reforms and other innovations.

Our hope is that the principles that we see as critical to transforming health care delivery and education become embedded into institutions around the world because of the contributions of Harvard Macy alumni. Through our programs we provide educators and leaders with the tools to be innovators.


  • Practical solutions to common problems, tested by a global network of scholars and refined through project collaborations fostered by program work
  • Perspectives from different fields and disciplines that are readily applicable and provide a new lens through which to view too-familiar institutional issues
  • An appreciation for interprofessional collaboration, and insight into how to foster teamwork across subject matter divides
  • Systems thinking to help the institution organize how it assesses and addresses critical issues
  • Renewed energy and enthusiam for the challenges of health care delivery and education

Fostering a Global Community of Scholars Dedicated to Transforming Health Care Education

The Harvard Macy Institute provides the connective tissue for a growing global network of like-minded individuals in search of new ways to think about innovation in health care delivery and education through the lens of organizational change. Our programs introduce scholars to new colleagues across disciplines, and create new networks and collaborations that often live beyond the life of the program. These scholars form and benefit from a continuing and expanding base of expertise and innovation.

One way the Institute keeps participants engaged in its work is by inviting them to return in future years as faculty scholars. In this role, they facilitate a small-group session or teach an elective and are able to participate fully in the rest of the course.

What does the Harvard Macy Institute community contribute to the careers and work of its members?

  • New colleagues who often lead to new research projects, support systems, perspectives, and even potentially new career horizons
  • Opportunities to function in an environment with professionals of similar focus
  • Empowerment and affirmation of one's vision for advancing health care delivery and education
  • A live connection to trends, challenges, and possible solutions that could emerge from the exchange of ideas and collaboration with others

What Our Attendees are Saying

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