Our Leading Innovations in Health Care & Education course brings together scholars from across the globe annually in June. To better highlight our community, we decided to profile a number of our recent scholars. In this blog post, we interview physical therapist and scholar Alvaro Garcia-Romero Perez.

Harvard Macy Institute: How would you describe your personal and professional background?

Alvaro: I am a Spanish physical therapist, although I am currently living in the United Kingdom, working for a football club as the head of the medical department. Additionally, I also run an athletic training program at Camilo Jose Cela University. My background is part faculty and part clinician, as well as having experience managing many groups of people.

Harvard Macy Institute: What led you to apply to this program?

Alvaro: I became familiar with the program years ago, through an alumnus recommendation. I did not have the chance to apply for various reasons. However, last year I decided to apply, with one of the main reasons being that I wanted to improve my leadership skills within my professional career.

Harvard Macy Institute: How would you describe your overall experience in the course?

Alvaro: I enjoyed the way that the Harvard Macy Institute course leaders were implementing the program online and how they would alternate groups so we could meet different scholars from across the globe. I liked the readings and how course leaders prepared the classes – the faculty were very engaging. I am currently going through some of the course readings to reinforce my learning. Overall, my experience was really good.

Harvard Macy Institute: Could you share the two most important takeaways that you gained from our Leading Innovations in Health Care & Education program?

Alvaro: The first one that comes to mind is how the disruption of innovation comes about. You do not have to start with the highest level of authority. In my career, it is applicable because I would not have to start with the best football club, maybe I could go to a smaller football club with a new idea. Another takeaway is that since I am European, I was surprised to learn about the United States health care system and how health care professionals within the industry are trying to implement positive change. I found it very interesting. 

Harvard Macy Institute: How was this course applicable to your work in health care?

Alvaro: At that moment in my life, I was trying to leverage the course to gauge if I wanted to shift my career. I found it really helpful when I was trying to discover what I wanted to do. Understanding the process of how innovation starts and how individuals and cause change is highly important and can be impactful within the medical field. 

Harvard Macy Institute: Would you recommend the course to others? If so, why?

Alvaro: Indeed, I have recommended the course. I would recommend it to health care professionals looking to advance within their careers and have different ideas but are unsure how to implement and develop them. Being able to see how other professionals have taken the steps to achieve change was insightful. It is an investment but taking this course will help you to think and innovate.

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Alvaro Garcia-Romero Perez

Alvaro Garcia-Romero Perez, PT, PhD, (Leaders ’22) is a health professions educator and clinician specialized in sport physical therapy. He currently serves as Head of the Medical Department at Watford Football Club (UK), and is Program Director of the Masters in Sport Physiotherapy and the Masters in Athletic Training and Therapy at the Universidad Camilo José Cela. He is also the Chair of the International Committee for the Commission in Accreditation in Athletic Training Education. Alvaro’s areas of professional interest include the treatment of sports injuries, sport management, and health professions education. He can be followed on LinkedIn