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#HMIChat is a monthly twitter chat—a global community of practice focused on health professions education and curated by Harvard Macy Institute Scholars. The aim is to connect scholars around the world, to continue the conversations, and learn from and with each other. Join our ever-growing community to discuss health professions education hot topic discussions during the 24h twitter chat with two hours of live chat. Contribute, read, and discuss during the full 24 hours. 

The first Wednesday of every month:
  • 9 PM ET - Kick off with the first live chat
  • 9 AM ET (12 hours later) - Second live chat

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Regardless if you have a Twitter account or not, you can follow the conversation at #HMIChat!

You may also choose to more broadly engage the community at any time by using one of the HMI hashtags:

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#HMIChat Team

Learn about our curators, building a community of engaged and experienced educators

Loretta Garvey headshot.

Loretta Garvey


“I am excited to work together with this global team of interprofessional educators supported by the Harvard Macy Institute to expand our international community and engage in rich conversation and sharing of practice and experience in health professions education through #HMIChat.”

Lauren Mazzurco headshot.

Lauren Mazzurco


“I have found a community of practice in the #HMIChat that both supported innovation in the face of mutual challenges and encouraged growth through collaboration. I am honored to be part of this team that will continue to foster an environment of inclusive, forward-thinking discussion to enhance medical and health-professions education!”

Michelle Schmude headshot.

Michelle Schmude


“The #HMICommunity has provided me with a platform to engage with colleagues from around the world whom I learn from and collaborate with, and who have become wonderful friends. Through the #HMIChat I look forward to enhancing these relationships and establishing new ones through our shared commitment to advancing health professions education.”

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