In February of 2021, our monthly Harvard Macy Twitter Chat (#HMIChat) celebrated 5 wonderful years of engagement, learning, and building community worldwide. The aim has always been to connect Harvard Macy Institute scholars around the world, to continue the conversations, and learn from and with each other. The result is more than 62 chats and over 40,000 tweets. Since 2016, #HMIChat has been curated by Elissa Hall, EdD, Justin Kreuter, MD, and Teresa Soro, MS and under their leadership our chat has grown into a known and respected learning experience in the health professions education social media space.

We announce that our current #HMIChat team will transition from their leadership roles with respect for the past and excitement for the future. The Harvard Macy Institute has the utmost appreciation for their time, energy, and growth of our community. We are excited to announce a new chat team, who will take over leadership in May 2021. Our new chat team is composed of three interprofessional and international alumni, upholding the values of our community. Welcome to: 

Loretta Garvey, BN (Hons.), GCHPE, PhD (Educators, ‘13, Assessment, 15’) is a nursing educator and Senior Lecturer at Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. Loretta worked in medical education for 10 years prior to transitioning back to nursing. This varied experience has allowed her to explore her passion in education across multiple health professions focusing on active learning strategies, assessment and simulation (@LorettaGarvey).

Lauren Mazzurco, DO, FACOI (Educators, ‘18, TTVE ‘21) is a medical educator and geriatrician,  Associate Professor of Medicine, and Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Director at Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia, United States. Lauren is the Co-Director of the EVMS Quality Enhancement Plan on cultural humility for the SACSCOC institutional accreditation and leads integration of the #healthsystemsscience and aging threads in the UME curriculum. Her experience across UME and GME has developed her interests in the learning continuum, person-centered high value care, and fostering humility in the care of those patients and communities we serve.

Michelle Schmude, EdD, MBA (Educators, ‘17) is a medical educator, Associate Dean of Admissions, Enrollment Management, and Financial Aid and Associate Professor at Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine in Scranton, Pennsylvania, United States. Michelle’s areas of professional interest include ePortfolio use to promote and assess competencies, the use of advising, mentoring, and coaching to foster student success, and professional identity formation.


We asked our new chat team what they were most excited about in their new roles as #HMIChat leaders. Their answers were inspiring:

“I am excited to work together with this global team of interprofessional educators supported by the Harvard Macy Institute to expand our international community and engage in rich conversation and sharing of practice and experience in health professions education through #HMIChat.”

“I have found a community of practice in the #HMIChat that both supported innovation in the face of mutual challenges and encouraged growth through collaboration. I am honored to be part of this team that will continue to foster an environment of inclusive, forward-thinking discussion to enhance medical and health-professions education!”

“The #HMICommunity has provided me with a platform to engage with colleagues from around the world whom I learn from and collaborate with, and who have become wonderful friends. Through the #HMIChat I look forward to enhancing these relationships and establishing new ones through our shared commitment to advancing health professions education.” 


We also asked our outgoing #HMIChat team to offer some words of wisdom for our new team. Their responses were insightful, and meaningful:

“Together we are better. The #HMIChat community is willing to explore the world around us. A community which embraces change, advances education, supports one another, and experiences joy together virtually. Nurture curiosity, welcome all, be innovative, and laugh together. ”

“Before each #HMIchat, we put a lot of thought into constructing questions that were as inclusive as possible. We are a very diverse community and wanted to make sure that all of us felt able to contribute to the conversation. During each #HMIchat, we tried to be aware of the expertise shared so that we could invite new colleagues to guest moderate a future #HMIchat. And we always shared AND celebrated the successes of individuals in our Harvard Macy community!”

“The themes are spread through vast areas and to facilitate a discussion on a subject that you are not very familiar with can be a challenge at times. But, equipped with some curiosity you get to know people, contexts, and subjects - a true gift!”


Our new #HMIChat team is excited to embark on this adventure! They welcome the wisdom and advice from the outgoing team to ensure a smooth transition, and look forward to their contributions from the other side of the tweet sphere.

 Harvard Macy alumni and community, can we count on your support? Join the upcoming #HMIchat on May 5th starting at 9pm EDT! We will discuss “Values, Challenges, and Innovations in Interprofessional Health Professions Education.” Meet our new #HMIchat team, welcome them, and support our worldwide community!


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