The Harvard Macy Institute is committed to creating a global community of medical educators and leaders dedicated to transforming health care delivery and education. 
First and foremost, we are a community of learners motivated to meaningfully engage in new ideas and express a diverse range of opinions, assumptions, and values. We are willing to challenge each other’s approaches to the wide range of issues we face in each of our healthcare institutions. We seek to learn from and with each other as faculty and scholars. Our academic culture has enabled us to become known as an incubator for healthcare innovations and innovators, and we are proud of this recognition. 

Central to each of the Institute’s programs are our Core Learning Principles: 
  • Inclusive Learning Environment  
Harvard Macy Institute programs welcome an interdisciplinary and international set of scholars each year. Bringing together participants from all over the world with a wide array of health care backgrounds provides a far broader perspective on the projects that participants bring to our programs. Scholars frequently cite the importance of being introduced to diverse viewpoints and perspectives in health care, education, and organizational structure.  
  • Innovative Teaching & Learning Strategies 
At the Harvard Macy Institute, faculty intentionally utilize an array of teaching and learning strategies, including case-method teaching, interactive small group work, journal clubs, microteaching, panel discussions, scholarly project design, and academic poster development and review. 
  • Project-Focused Work  
Each scholar comes with a project and leaves with insights and an action plan that has been guided by the course faculty and other participants to maximize the potential for successful organizational change in one’s home institution. 
  • Evidence-Based & Immersive 
Each program requires significant reading and reflective preparation to engage in meaningful dialogue and discussion. For most participants, this is a rare and relished opportunity to focus completely on what it means to be an educator and innovator in the health professions. Course content is updated each year to highlight current challenges and opportunities within health professions education. 
  • Dedication of Returning Scholars that Serve as Faculty  
A major reason for the enduring success of the Harvard Macy Institute is the commitment and dedication of our scholars, who frequently return year after year to serve as teachers, facilitators, and mentors to support future classes. The opportunity to learn from colleagues and peers in the health professions is invaluable and is at the heart of what makes HMI unique. 

What Our Attendees are Saying

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