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Transitioning #HMIChat Leadership After 5 Wonderful Years

In February of 2021, our monthly Harvard Macy Twitter Chat (#HMIChat) celebrated 5 wonderful years of engagement, learning, and building community worldwide. The aim has always been to connect Harvard Macy Institute scholars around the world, to continue the conversations, and learn from and with each other. The result is more than 62 chats and over 40,000 tweets. Since 2016, #HMIChat has been curated by Elissa Hall, EdD, Justin Kreuter, MD, and Teresa Soro, MS and under their leadership our chat has grown into a known and respected learning experience in the health professions education social media space.

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#HMIchat August 2019: Developing Leaders: Busting Myths and Lifelong Learning

Despite numerous calls for an increase in physician leaders and leadership development in medical education, a 2018 systematic review found significant gaps exist in (1) understanding the best ways to teach leadership, (2) assessing and understanding the value of leadership training, and (3) overall reporting of curricula design. Participants in the August #HMIchat explored myths of leadership and leadership development, shared crucial advice, passed on resources, and discussed innovative ways to teach and develop leadership skills both in and beyond medical education. The chat was rich with ideas and resources to help us become better leaders.

 Here is a recap of some of the common themes and ideas shared by our community.

What are some common myths about leadership?

  • Leaders cannot show vulnerability; they must have all the answers… be the smartest in the room (@joshuadhartzell)
  • Everyone has the same access to leadership opportunities. Reality: There remains incredible bias and sponsorship is one way to work to create equity in leadership (@SusanHingle)
  • You have to be an extrovert to be a leader (@KFabsMD)
  • Leaders can only lead after they have “done their time” (@DrJRMarcelin)

As we discussed these myths, @Javeedsukhera remarked how “many myths related to leadership perpetuate gender and racial biases...make us question our leadership skills and competencies because we don’t ‘look’ like leaders.” In busting these myths, the #HMIchat turned to the critical value of personal mentors, coaches and sponsors in developing leaders, especially for women and minorities.

What are some common myths about teaching leadership:  

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#HMIchat September 2018 - How Do We Use and Foster Curiosity and Creativity as Educators?

I arrived home from Basel energized and inspired by AMEE 2018. The conference’s fringe sessions were the inspiration for this month’s chat, which aimed to answer the question, “How to use and foster curiosity and creativity as educators?

Many students enter medical school with open minds and a thirst for knowledge. Unfortunately, that insatiable curiosity can fade somewhere along the path of medical school and residency. This brings to mind a few questions. First, what factors in our own training programs can lead to that loss of curiosity? And secondly, and maybe more importantly, is it possible to relight that flame, or to guard against it ever going out? I personally love the idea of arts and humanities courses for medical students. Atipong Pathanasethpong (@atipongpath) told us about Khon Kaen University’s art classes for first year medical students. Such an innovative idea!

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Disrupting Health Professions Education…What we learned from this month’s #HMIChat

We had a lively discussion during this month’s #HMIChat about disruptive innovation focused on health professions education. We discussed many sustaining innovations as well, and highlighted the difference between the two. For those interested in reading more check out the pre-reading for the chat. Obviously, the @HarvardMacy and #MedEd community at large is eager to innovate, whether it be sustaining or disruptive and quite frankly we need both types!

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#HMIchat July 2018 - What Image or Song Would You Choose?

For those of us in the United States, it was a special holiday version of #HMIchat on July 4th— a 24 hour asynchronous chat (no synchronous sessions this time)! Because July 1st marks the beginning of a new academic year here in the US, the focus was medical education goals for the 2018-2019 academic year. Personal, professional, and institutional medical education goals were all welcomed.

Despite the holiday, our @HarvardMacy community showed up to share & help! We shared goals such as: create a curriculum that is both sustainable and malleable, complete graduate training, learn about various education strategies, increase habits of self-care, and develop new research interests. Many of us struggle with how to move forward with a new goal. Fortunately, our community members shared several wonderful resources—here are just a few:

Great book for curriculum building, shared by Lonika Sood.

Great book for presenting the evidence in medical education, shared by Teresa Sörö.

How to write great multiple choice questions, shared by Teresa Sörö.

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