In 2015, the Harvard Macy Institute made the decision to ‘go social’ to connect our worldwide community via Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, under the leadership of inaugural social media strategist Holly Gooding. We started our community blog, with the mission to “foster the ongoing connectedness of health professions educators committed to transforming health care delivery and education.” Our efforts were intended to bring our alumni up to date news in health professions education, to promote the inquiry and scholarship that the Harvard Macy Institute values, and to celebrate the global and diverse Harvard Macy Institute community of practice.

In the nearly 4 years since we endeavored on this journey, our efforts to stay connected with you have grown tremendously! We are now connected with more than 5000 community members, post consistently on all 3 of our social media platforms, and have showcased more than 150 blog posts by more than 115 authors. View the infographic below to see more details.

We thank you - our worldwide community of practice - for supporting us on social media and encourage you to continue connecting, sharing, and growing on social media with us!

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The Harvard Macy Institute has had more than 150 blog posts, exploring topics including embracing technology to maximize your academic productivity, blockchain mania, and enhancing your medical education twitter presence!


Kristina Dzara, Ph.D., MMSc

Kristina Dzara, PhD, MMSc (Educators ‘16, Assessment ’16; 2.0 ’17), is a PhD Medical and Health Professions Educator. She serves as Assistant Dean for Scholarly Teaching and Learning, Director of the Center for Scholarly Teaching and Learning, and Associate Professor of Family and Community Medicine at the Saint Louis University School of Medicine. Kristina’s areas of professional interest include the science of teaching and learning, faculty development, curriculum development, educational scholarship, and the use of social media in medical and health professions education. Kristina can be followed on Twitter or LinkedIn.