As Harvard Macy's Social Media Strategist, I have the great pleasure of working with Liz Armstrong, Todd Fowler, and many HMI faculty and alums to think about how we can use social media to keep our community connected.  I'll admit that when I first started working on our strategy, I found the array of social media tools dizzying. Then I quickly came to realize two things:


1. Social media tools are just that - tools.  Our personal connections from our time at Harvard Macy, our shared experiences, and our commitment to innovations in healthcare education - these are what make us a community.  That said, social media tools can be useful for connecting us once we return to our home institutions.

2. No one tool will work for our diverse and vibrant community.  Based on input from YOU, the HMI Community, we have chosen to meet you on Twitter, Linked In, and Facebook for now.  We have also launched this HMI Community blog and our new website has social features to allow you to connect with each other within our secure site.  As we take on this new endeavor, we will need your feedback to make it great. Simply comment on this blog post with your thoughts and ideas!

In order to help you connect with us on social media, I put together these 3 short videos with tools I learned in the HMI Digital Citizen Course.  Take a look and see which of these are right for you - I hope to be hearing from you soon!

How to connect with Harvard Macy on Twitter

Click HERE to read more about how to use twitter effectively



How to connect with Harvard Macy on Linked In


How to connect with Harvard Macy on Facebook


Holly Gooding, MD, MSc

Holly Gooding, MD, MSc is Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Emory University School of Medicine and Co-Director of the Program for Educators at the Harvard Macy Institute.  She is also Medical Director of the Adolescent Medicine practice at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta. Her research and educational interests are in the promotion of healthy development during the transition to adulthood.  In her spare time she enjoys biking with her family in Atlanta.