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Feedback PLeaSe! A #MedEdPearl from #IAMSE18

The Feedback PLeaSe model has three phases: Preparation, Listening, and Summarizing.  During the Preparation phase, the faculty facilitator announces the intention to conduct face-to-face feedback sessions, discuses effective behaviors, and provides a model to use when giving feedback. In the Listening phase, the presenters at the conference suggested using a model called the STAR model. STAR is an acronym that reminds learners that effective feedback is Specific, Timely, Actionable, and Received. Those providing feedback can use the STAR model to give one positive observation and one area for growth. The receiver is encouraged to listen while the facilitator takes notes to send at a later date. Finally, in the Summarizing phase, the receiver demonstrates active listening by giving a short verbal synthesis of key points of the observations.

During the session at the conference, the presenters shared anecdotal data from their experiences using the Feedback PLeaSe model. Additional qualitative and quantitative data is available in their article. They also led an excellent faculty development activity. During the activity, participants formed small groups and received a realistic scenario, assumed roles, and practiced conducting a face-to-face feedback session.

How do you prepare learners and faculty to provide effective feedback? Share your strategies at #MedEdPearls.


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Larry Hurtubise, MA (HMIHCE, ’16) is Associate Director of the Center for Faculty Development at Nationwide Children's Hospital. Larry’s areas of professional interest include the development of clinician educators, medical education research and educational technology. Larry can be followed on Twitter at @hur2buzy and or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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