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#HMIchat July 2018 - What Image or Song Would You Choose?

For those of us in the United States, it was a special holiday version of #HMIchat on July 4th— a 24 hour asynchronous chat (no synchronous sessions this time)! Because July 1st marks the beginning of a new academic year here in the US, the focus was medical education goals for the 2018-2019 academic year. Personal, professional, and institutional medical education goals were all welcomed.

Despite the holiday, our @HarvardMacy community showed up to share & help! We shared goals such as: create a curriculum that is both sustainable and malleable, complete graduate training, learn about various education strategies, increase habits of self-care, and develop new research interests. Many of us struggle with how to move forward with a new goal. Fortunately, our community members shared several wonderful resources—here are just a few:

Great book for curriculum building, shared by Lonika Sood.

Great book for presenting the evidence in medical education, shared by Teresa Sörö.

How to write great multiple choice questions, shared by Teresa Sörö.

A toolkit for medical education scholarship, shared by Salma Soussi.

The question that resonated most with me asked about what things will be ignored during pursuit of these new goals. Those notifications of modern clinical practice (e.g., email notifications, reminders about that upcoming meeting, and my pager going off for non-urgent issues) disrupt my focus and induce a state of temporary amnesia in me. This #HMIchat has helped me appreciate that I need to turn off those notifications and given me permission to let folks know that non-urgent issues shouldn’t go through my pager. My personal sanity and work life balance have already benefited from these actions!

Always taking the next step, Teresa Sörö has given us yet another way to maintain our focus and fight temporary amnesia by asking us to consider the following: what would be the image or song that would symbolize your mission for next year? Take a minute to think about this and please comment below!

What image or song will help you to hold your focus, on your goals, this academic year?

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