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Vasundhara Singh

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Vasundhara Singh, MBBS, MD (Educators ’20) is an Associate Program Director and Internal Medicine Hospitalist at Mount Sinai West and Assistant Professor at the Icahn School of Medicine. Vasundhara’s areas of professional interest include graduate medical education and high value care. Vasundhara can be followed on LinkedIn or contacted via email.

Pushing Geographic Boundaries in the Fight Against COVID-19

At the onset of the pandemic in New York City, our medium sized midtown hospital exhausted our meager stockpile of personal protective equipment (PPE) faster than a forest fires ravages. One reason briskly identified was the failure to cohort COVID-19 patients on a single floor. The other more important cause was that medicine teams in our hospital have patients scattered throughout the hospital in a non geographic model across 4 different floors. Within 2 weeks, administration and hospital medicine leadership developed a geographic model. We started cohorting all COVID-19 positive patients on separate floors from negative patients. A geographic physician team model was also developed, which allowed physicians and nurses to don and doff at the entry and exit of each COVID-19 unit. 

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