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Teresa Chan

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Dr. Teresa Chan, MD, FRCPC, MHPE, DRCPSC (Clin. Ed.) (Leaders, ‘15) is an assistant professor at McMaster University and serves there as the Program Director of the Clinician Educator Diploma program. Dr. Chan is interested in developing medical education innovations (and evaluating them). For instance, she has worked on a pre-cursor competency- based clinical education program called the McMaster Modular Assessment Program (McMAP), which began as a fellowship program but now is helping to inform best practices with Canada’s advent into the CBME. Her programs of research include two main areas: 1) contextualized clinical decision-making; 2) improving knowledge translation using education theory and innovation. She can be reached on Twitter @TChanMD or on LinkedIn.

Seriously? A Board game?

Candy land. Monopoly. Life. Scrabble. Risk. These are the games that we played as children, but they often engaged us in a way that is the foundation for learning. Engagement, after all, is a crucial precursor to learning since it allows educators to gain a learner’s attention. Games, however, do not need to be built for fun – they can be serious too.

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