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katerina dodelzon

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Katerina (Katia) Dodelzon, MD (Educators ’20) is a medical educator and Breast Radiologist. Katia currently holds a position as Assistant Professor of Radiology at Weill Cornell Medical Center at NewYork Presbyterian in New York City and is the Associate Program Director for the Diagnostic Radiology Residency program at Weill Cornell. Katia’s areas of professional interest include curriculum development, communication-skills education, and increasing diversity in medicine. Katia can be followed on Twitter and/or email.


Making Lemonade: Reimagining the Visiting Professorship during a Pandemic

Shrouded in tradition and long held symbol of prestige in academia, the Visiting Professorship has arguably lost its original purpose of furthering education, and rather has remained a vestige of academic notoriety and fodder for promotion. As such, and in particular in the setting of economic hardships, the Visiting Professorship has been diminishing in popularity, with the few major academic radiology programs who host Visiting Professors reporting hosting just a handful per year. However, the educational advantages of a lecture or a didactic case conference by physician subject experts from different institutions have been long documented and are in particular advantageous in a rapidly evolving field such as radiology. Thus, as the pandemic upended medical education everywhere and radiology case volumes have drastically dropped which significantly decreased radiology residents’ educational opportunities we sought to leverage the increasing widespread utilization of videoconferencing and reinvented Visiting Professorship in a virtual format. 

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