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James M Pappas

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James M. Pappas, MD, MBA, (2.0, ’19) is a Physician and Medical Educator. James currently holds a position as Associate Chief Medical Officer at Loma Linda University Health. James’ areas of professional interest include patient safety, healthcare delivery, and performance improvement. James can be followed on Twitter or contacted via email.

Harvard Macy: A Learning Feast, But no Picnic

The Harvard Macy Institute “Health Care Education 2.0 – Transforming Your Teaching for the Digital Age” course which I attended in October of 2019, is the most unusual continuing medical education courses I have ever taken. It was simultaneously one of the great learning experiences of my life while at the same time being just plain intense. Being of the baby boom generation, I have found myself neither knowledgeable of nor comfortable with tools now readily available for education in the digital age. I specifically chose this course to close this knowledge gap and increase my comfort level.

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