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Elissa Hall, EdD

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Elissa Hall, EdD, MA (Alumni of Educators, ‘16; 2.0, ‘16 and Faculty of 2.0, ‘17, ‘18, ‘19) is the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science Director of Curriculum and Education Technology and Associate Director of Education Science. She is an Assistant Professor with professional interest focused on curriculum innovation, digital pedagogies, online communities, virtual learning environments, and education technology. Elissa can be followed on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Harnessing the Power of Zoom for Teaching and Learning


How do I engage learners in a remote, online, or virtual environment? This is a question rolling around in the minds of many health professions educators who have over the last few months made significant pivots given the COVID-19 pandemic. Zoom, among other web conferencing technologies, has become an essential tool for educators, learners, and peers to connect and facilitate synchronous learning experiences. However, integrating Zoom alone is not enough. To create significant learning experiences, consider the three tips offered below!

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