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Become a Digital Citizen - Technology in Health Care Education

Offered Annually in Boston, MA
Next Program:
October 20-24, 2014
Application Deadline:
August 30, 2014

Program Directors:

Program Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the role of online learning in health care education.
  • List steps required to convert their current traditional education material into online interactive activities.
  • Independently develop online instruction material and host it on a Learning Management System.
  • Implement appropriate use of technology to enhance learning activities inside and outside the classroom.
  • Use social media to form a community of inquiry and identify the potential role of using this model at their own institutions.
  • Utilize tools for creating filters to manage information overload and for collaborating with a professional learning network to enhance learning.

Program Description

This activity provides health care educators with the skills needed to make use of current technology and social medial tools to support teaching and learning. Participants learn how to use technology to create learning environments and materials, filters to manage information overload and customize online searchable repositories. In short, the course teaches how to leverage Web 2.0 and social medial tools to create professional learning networks.

This course will be organized around the following threads:

  • Asynchronous and online learning - Creating an eLearning module using an open source virtual learning environment - Moodle.
  • Classroom technology for interactive learning - Advanced PowerPoint, Audience Response Systems - use of classroom clickers vs. online ARS tools.
  • Managing information - Combat information over-load by creating filters and encoding digital information in external memory for easy search and retrieval- Real Simple Syndication (RSS) and Social Bookmarking and annotation.
  • Social Media, online communities of inquiry and social constructivism and connectivism - Google+ and Twitter.


“As I look back at educational reform at Georgetown , it is with gratitude to the Harvard Macy Institute for assisting in more than a decade of sustained faculty development at our institution- for energizing and catalyzing change among key educators on the Georgetown faculty. Change has not only occurred because of the energy generated by nearly a dozen Harvard Macy alumni, it has been directed by those faculty members in collaboration with Harvard Macy alumni around the country and around the world.”

Stephen R. Mitchell, M.D., Dean for Medical Education, Georgetown University School of Medicine


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