What do Harvard Macy Institute scholars gain from their experience in our programs?

The Harvard Macy Institute’s programs foster deep study, active engagement, group learning, and ample opportunity for feedback, reflection, and knowledge exchange. Program participants frequently cite the importance of being introduced to the diversity of perspectives on health care, education, and institutions represented by the diverse backgrounds of fellow scholars.

Our scholars also report transformational learning experiences in which they learn to examine their own assumptions and behaviors in a new light, leading to fresh approaches to their career and their capacity as a leader of organizational change.

Benefits to individuals include:

  • New professional bonds that often result in the creation of networks and collaborations that extend over years and contribute to the progress of institutional change projects
  • An appreciation for and a commitment to enhance multdisciplinary and interprofessional collaboration
  • Input to advance professional project endeavors, potentially resulting in publication, recognition, or promotion
  • A collegial think tank atmosphere promoting and inspiring deep thinking and engagement with the real issues affecting their work, and themselves

“As I look back at educational reform at Georgetown , it is with gratitude to the Harvard Macy Institute for assisting in more than a decade of sustained faculty development at our institution- for energizing and catalyzing change among key educators on the Georgetown faculty. Change has not only occurred because of the energy generated by nearly a dozen Harvard Macy alumni, it has been directed by those faculty members in collaboration with Harvard Macy alumni around the country and around the world.”

Stephen R. Mitchell, M.D., Dean for Medical Education, Georgetown University School of Medicine


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